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Beards N Business-Thomas Williams III & Justin Anderson

Meet Owners of Great White Sports, Thomas Williams III and Justin Anderson Great White Water Sports, LLC (GWWS). is Hampton Road’s premier water sports rental company.  Thomas and Justin are two family oriented entrepreneurs who were tired of being disappointed by the poor customer service and lack of safety protocols they experienced from other companies around the world.  Thus, GWWS was formed with a commitment to making safety fun.  GWWS patterns itself after companies like Disney, companies who understand the importance of the customer experience.  The ability to provide an awesome, memorable, and safe experience for a 2 year old, or an 82 year old, is a delicate balance which GWWS takes great pride in.  To learn more about Great White...

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Beard N Business- Lawrence Gholson

Meet serial entrepreneur Lawrence Gholson II is a mentor and coach for  small business owners, contract professionals and leaders on all levels through his company YOU FACTOR COACHING.  He has over twenty years’ experience as a professional and personal development mentor, and team building facilitator. Lawrence is also a published author, business strategist and an “Add Value” life coach and speaker.  Specializing in team building, creative partnerships and personal development, he challenges you to challenge yourself, challenge your belief systems, and maximize every teachable moment in order to achieve and discover your goals and ultimately your better self. This is what he calls discovering your YOU Factor!  Additionally he is the co-founder of The MAXIMIZED Life Coaching and Mentoring team (, which is more than a network but a...

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Bearded Business Owner-Tarik Edmonson

Meet Tarik Edmonson Owner of Nagast Footwear Tarik Edmonson, is a native of The Bronx, NY. Raised in Savannah, Ga, he was a young man who was a dreamer of one day starting a business. He was Inspired to be a business man by Reginald Lewis, the first Black Man who traded in the USA Stock exchange. Through a casual conversation with his daughter, she revealed how social media played a significant part in the success of countless industries. Tarik began to research, study and invest in becoming a shoe designer.. He chose the shoe industry because at that time, there were not many Black owned shoe companies specializing in catering to the African- Egyptian shoe designs. In 2015, Nagast Footwear...

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